Absolute Insurance-An Overview

If someone were to ask you how much you knew about auto insurance fraud you’d probably feel fairly comfortable telling them you know everything you need to know to get by. Everyone knows you shouldn’t smash your car with a baseball bat and pass it off as an accident when your headlights break, and if you try to hide a car in your garage and report it stolen the claims adjuster is probably going to figure it out sooner or later. But did you know that you could actually be the victim of auto insurance fraud and not know it until it’s too late?Absolute Insurance

Do I have your attention now? Good. Many people are surprised to find out how much they don’t know about auto insurance fraud. There are people out there who prey on innocent drivers, using their belief that they’re safe when they’re out on the roads as long as they’re following the rules to cash in on some major bucks from their insurance. You might be responsible for an accident that you actually had nothing to do with, just because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Wouldn’t you like to at least do the crime before you get blamed for it?

Common Insurance Scams

Here’s a quick glance at the most common frauds that have been wringing thousands out of insurers in auto insurance claims:

1) The Good Samaritan. How many times have you found yourself anxiously tapping your fingers against your steering wheel while you wait for your chance to make a turn, change lanes or pull out of a stop? Almost inevitably someone will eventually take pity on you and wave you into traffic. Nine times out of ten you’re going to be just fine. You’ll pull into traffic, the other car will wait just like they told you they would and life goes on.

There’s always that one in ten chance that it won’t, however, which is when auto insurance fraud decides to raise its ugly head. You’ll go to pull out into traffic when suddenly that same driver who so kindly waved to you suddenly slams on the gas and crashed into you. In front of a judge they’ll deny ever agreeing to anything, and you’ll be holding the ticket while they collect on your auto insurance.

2) The Rear Ender. You’re smoothly driving down the road, maintaining a perfect following distance, when suddenly a car cuts out in front of you, skids into your following distance then slams on the brakes. Since you don’t have time to stop the only thing you can do is rear end them, and voila! Suddenly you’re in the hot seat for an accident you were technically responsible for but never had a prayer of avoiding.

3) The Mobster. Accidents happen, and if you’re a good citizen you’re happy to pay for the damages you actually caused. But what about the ones you didn’t? If you happen to become the Mobster’s victim you’re going to find both insurance companies accusing you of thousands of dollars of damages you didn’t commit. Why? After your perfectly legitimate accident the other driver took a baseball bat and roughed up their car a little, then blamed you for the whole thing.

What You Can Do About It

If you fall prey to one of these con artists, don’t get mad. Get even! Carry a disposable camera around in your car to take pictures on the scene immediately following the accident so you have a tangible record of what damages were actually yours and which ones they pulled out of a hat. Always talk to the witnesses at the scene and ask for their record-this can be invaluable if you happen to run across the Rear Ender or the Good Samaritan.

Finally, don’t be afraid to tell your auto insurance provider when something’s fishy in Denmark. Chances are, if they’ve gotten you it’s not the first time. Drivers with a record are going to look mighty fishy in court if you decide to fight your culpability. These frauds happen, and the court system knows it. If you’ve got your photos, your witnesses and your own reports well in hand you’ll be in great shape when the time comes to go before the judge and figure out whodunit.