Ant Exterminator – Guide

How do you kill off ants? You can always hire an ant exterminator or simply be one yourself! Here are some different things you can do to help you get rid of ants once and for all: Source

Clean up your food! The main reason people gets ants inside their house is because they have random food lying around. No food, no ants. Sometimes, even when we get rid of all the food lying around, ants can still pay us a visit, which is why the following methods come in handy.

Mix some borax and sugar so that there is half and half, and use it is a bait. If the ants don’t take this mixture, make another one with more sugar in it.

One oft mentioned way to get rid of ants is by putting baby powder or vinegar wherever you see them. These two substances take away the ants’ ability to smell. Because ants rely on their sense of smell to get around, you are essentially making them blind.

Peppermint, cinnamon, pepper, and ivory soap are known to scare ants away as well.

Diatomaceous earth. You can buy some online or at your local pool shop. It works be dehydrating the ants, sucking out all the moisture out of them. You can use this substance for other insects as well, such as cockroaches.

One of the more popular retail products, which you can buy online, is Terro. It’s a bait, which contains borax, and is very effective in killing off ants.