Florida Beach Vacation Rentals

Pascua de Florida is the name which was given by the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon who found this region in 1513. Florida was the first settlement of the Europeans in North America – Florida name itself is the oldest existing name given by the settlers. The state is also known as the sunshine state.Check mexico beach vacation homes for sale

Geographically, it is located between the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Straits of Florida. Besides agriculture and manufacturing industries, the tourism industry of Florida is one of the biggest in the world. Florida beach apartments and Florida beach villas are full during the summer season/vacation time. The state holds an extensive coastline of around 1,197 Statute Miles. Annually, millions of tourists come to Florida to spend their spree time on the beaches and other attractions of the state. The state’s balmy weather also helps in attracting them. The summer season is hot with showers that makes the beaches more gorgeous. Apart from crystal clear beaches, other popular tourists attractions of Florida include but are not limited to: Disney World (Orlando) and NASA Kennedy Space Center Spaceport.

Florida’s beaches are stunning and easily accessible from Florida beach apartments and Florida beach villas. The state’s beaches welcome all types of people (children, single, married, older people, etc.) as they contain enough activities and fun to make their stay pleasurable and ever remembering. The following beaches are considered as the best in Florida: Clearwater Beach; Daytona Beach; Miami Beach; St. Augustine (the oldest settlement region); Santa Rosa Beach; and Cocoa Beach. People from all walks of life enjoy a lot on the beaches; further, tourists can involve themselves in activities like, fishing, swimming, body surfing, etc.